Villa D'Este (60 images)
When we decided to go to Villa D’Este, we consulted Rick Steve’s book on Rome, he said that it’s pretty easy to get there from Rome by public transit. Take the subway to this stop, and take the blue bus directly to the garden. Hah! I don’t think he really expects anyone to actually use his directions. We took the subway to the designated stop without a problem, and even found the blue bus. About a dozen of them. We were at the blue bus station! Eventually we found where to wait for the bus to Tivolli which was due in less than 20 minutes. While waiting, we inquired as to where the ticket office was. We were informed that we could buy our tickets at the pizza/hot dog stand! The bus departed on time, and in due time, arrived in the town of Tivolli We were expecting the bus to stop at the major sight of the town, Villa D’este, and since we saw no signs indicating where it was, rode the bus to the end of the line, which we thought was the garden. Surprise! It was a cemetery! A kind flower shop clerk informed us that Villa D’este was three bus stops back. How could we have missed it? We decided to just walk back until we saw it. How hard could it be. Well, it may have been 3 stops, but it certainly wasn’t obvious. After asking several times along the way, we finally spotted a tiny sign for it pointing towards a small shopping center. Huh? It turns out that the entrance to this world famous garden is hidden a short walk behind the shopping center.

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